thaen (thaen) wrote in geekbeer,

It's been quiet for a while, but...

Ladies and gentlemen, I realize that it's been quiet here for a while. Our primary Brewmaster left town to go to graduate school, and as a result we pretty much had to learn to brew all over again. Well, that process is pretty much done. As Adam said last month, we acquired no small amount of brewing equipment for an incredible price, which has allowed us to restart the magic of all-grain brewing much sooner than originally planned.

We have an incredible amount to post about in the coming weeks. The new equipment, the beer monitoring computer, the filtration system, the pressurizing system, the kegerator and temperature monitor, and, of course, the Beer Couch, the details of which will fill no fewer than four posts. We've got ideas about temperature monitoring, a water system, a better heating system, making better use of our equipment by mashing and heating sparge water more efficiently, and of course, monitoring it all with the beer computer.

In short, we have an incredible amount to report on, and given that the creation of our own recipes is just around the corner, the next few months promise to be very exciting.

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