dwidmaier (dwidmaier) wrote in geekbeer,

Blackberry Porter

So, this weekend I bottled a recipe that I brewed on 5/23/04. It's a nice mild porter with a hint of blackberry flavor. I used concentrated blackberry extract in the bottling process to achieve the taste I wanted. I ended up using 1oz of blackberry extract per 5.5 gallons of beer. Now that it's all in the bottle I'll let it ferment and finish for 3 weeks. Then
we'll see how this experiment turned out.

My preliminary impression was mixed. On the plus side I had just eaten a bunch of chips and onion/some other crap dip. So my palette was far from cleansed and I probably am not the best judge. Additionally, of the few key points I've ever learned as a brewer, one of the clearest is that you can't judge a beer until its done. As dumb as it sounds, a lot of mellowing and finishing really does occur in the bottle. I may claim that some beers are fantastic out of the secondary, but that's just my guess. A good beer out of the secondary usually turns better in the bottle. However, a not-so good beer out of the secondary quite often suprises you when it's been bottled. Last but not least, the taste sample was at 68F (my fermentation temp) so that may have had some effects on the flavors. I guess in three weeks we'll know how things really went.

If anyone requests it, I'll post the porter recipe. Otherwise I'll put it in the archives to be posted in the upcoming recipe section. Until then, happy brewing and happy drinking (perhaps in reverse order).

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