Tam (tam_ian) wrote in geekbeer,

the noodle incident

I spend some time talking with Ethan about how to redo the site. Couple things I learned that I am going to apply to the next layout: Use em instead of px, because things will scale with the text that way he says, which is definitely one of the goals on my list. Use percentages instead of px, so that things resize with the window correctly. This fact I knew, but I was afraid to do because I felt like in the beginning if I couldn’t see exactly what was going on I wouldn’t be able to figure it out. Now I think I’ve got a good enough grasp that I can go ahead and use percentages and still get things to work. Finally, using float is like magic. I should have realized this once I was used floats to do the menu across the top. Ethan impressed me even more with what floats can do. One command in particular, clear, allows you to make sure that a floating box only shows up below all of the other floating boxes. This makes things like that footer bar I did much more natural (if you didn’t look at the html, I put it in a kind of unnatural place in order to make it look right.)

Hopefully next week you guys will be able to see another revision of the site. Between Ethan and the goodness found at the noodle incident, I will attempt to create the greatest site known to man! Then I’ll incorporate some of Brendan’s stuff into it, and work in more of Dan’s beer posting. Look at us go, slowly but surely we are gaining real content! Oh yeah and pix from brewing this weekend, sweet.

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