Tam (tam_ian) wrote in geekbeer,

More site changes.

What's up guys? Some of you may have noticed that I changed the site again yesterday. I discovered that IE doesn't like to draw PNG-24 correctly, so I used this link here to solve that problem temporarily. I think it's pretty kludgey, so next time I redo the site(probably later this week), I'm just going to design it so that I don't need any PNGs with transparency in them. The big problem with this solution I just showed you is that when it replaces background images, in the explorer version they aren't really background images anymore because they stop responding to background-position settings. It's not really that big of a deal to me, because I will just keep it all separate in layers and then mash it together when it's time to put the page up. (I'm sure all of you who are web designers are nodding and saying that's what I should have done from the beginning. :)

I also searched through a few sites to find out how to do those cool menus that you see at the top of the page. A few pages I found had some pretty sweet implementations, but a bunch of them didn't work in IE. This site here had the cleanest example code of any of them, and they seem to work in all browsers. I thought that was pretty cool. I love it when people figure out something cool and share it. Hopefully we get to do that with beer!

So, the next things on my list are another page redesign, and an attempt to make the page scale correctly. I want to make it re-sizeable, as well as make it so that if someone increases the font size in their browser, nothing will break. Take Slashdot for example, that page resizes perfectly when you up the font. Geekbeer? It pretty much explodes like a car in a hong kong action flick. As I was making the logo on the top left of the site I started getting new ideas for the design completely. As is already apparent, this is an evolutionary process and I'm already excited for how it will look next. I feel like I am past the point where I am fighting to make the page work right, and now I can start trying to make it look nicer.

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