binarys (binarys) wrote in geekbeer,

#include <std_disclaimer.h>

Of all of the character traits that you, the reader, may have gleened from my bio (Brendan) on the geekbeer website it's that I am a hobbyist at heart. But while I am a hobbyist, I'm definately not an expert (though I wish I were). As such, I ask all those reading my ramblings to feel free to make suggestions, correct my mistakes, or simply offer kind advice as I am simple traveler in the strange and fantastic world of mechanical and electrical engineering. My formal training is in computer science and so my strength is in programming, but my interest and minute experience with electronics have led me to the task of designing and implementing the computer controlled aspects of the brewing system. Therefore, from this point on, expect regularly postings regarding ideas, schematics, software, etc relating to our brew reactor. And since this is an open source project, all the gruesome deatils will be available for anyone who is interested in simply understanding what we're doing, and eventually contribute to the project (should you so desire).

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