Tam (tam_ian) wrote in geekbeer,

Website and Domain

So last night I signed us up for some site hosting through phpwebhosting.com. I've used them before for several other sites, including but not limited to a counter-strike clan and game programming. Their customer service is top notch, which is why I keep coming back. After I did that, I switched the domain name servers to phpwebhosting's servers. Just in case you don't know what that means, read this great explanation here, and the short of it is sometime within the next three days you'll be able to go to http://geekbeer.com/ and see the start of our site(if you go there and see a post from 2001, it's the old site not ours).

Once the site is up we plan on putting this lj blog into the front page of that site, and then begin filling the sidebar with tons of geeky and beery goodness. The first thing you'll probably see there is the beginning of our plans for the open brew system that we are going to create. We know the basics of what we need already, so we will start sketching up some designs for the setup. Our foremost goal with these designs will be to keep everything as scalable as possible so that if you want to build anything between a five gallon to a one barrel system you can. Of course not everything will scale perfectly, so we'll also try to keep the designs modular.

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