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podcast delays, etc

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As I’ve said before, I don’t generally enjoy reading blogs that explain why there’s no content. In this case, however, we have footage from Redhook and a commitment to someone other than ourselves to get it up. I also have an interview from Professor Rorabaugh that I need to edit.

This post is just to say that podcast-related activities and my photoshopping new graphics have been put on hold temporarily. Tom is out of town for a month on a whirlwind tour of the country (”wow” is really all I can say about that), and my repetitive-stress injured wrists have been giving me a hell of a time lately. (Incindentally, I undergo surgery for said problem very soon. Hopefully that will help.)

In any case, for those of you wondering where the hell the podcast is or why I can’t seem to make a deadline, there you go.

Things in the works for the interested:

  1. Typographical mashup on the history of beer since Prohibition in the US
  2. Interview with Professor Rorabaugh of the University of Washington on the history of beer since the temperance movement in the 1830s
  3. Redhook footage
  4. Several podcasts, including the Blind Tasting
  5. Much, much more.

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