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I am a liar

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No podcast yersterday, and probably not today either. Life, as they say, has intervened.

I will however pass along this striking bit of news: Thanks, in part, to the current recession, Bud Lite is suffering through their first annual sales decline in their 27 year history. This is interesting for a number of reasons, the biggest of which is that, up until this point, sales of commercial beers have been remaining steady, if not actually growing thanks to the slump in the craft beer market (beer geeks don’t stop drinking beer, they just stop drinking good beer as the wallet gets lighter).

Bud is of course attempting a counter attack with a new line of advertising, touting Bud Lites “Drinkability”, which seems to be about as mindless as Coors pitching itself on the fact that it’s “Cold” or Miller pointing out that they triple hop their beers, all of which, from a consumers point of view are about as informative as a steak being labeled “Carb Free”.

If you want to talk about a beer company that’s doing something right in its advertising, I suggest you take a look over at Heineken USA’s ads for Dos Equis. There series of ads for “The Most Interesting Man in the World” are actually responsible for a 17% gain in sales during a period of time where imported beer sales actually dropped around 11%. Here is ad ad campaign that has 58,000 facebook fans. Which makes it obvious that people don’t want beer that is cold or refreshing, they want beer that is cool enough to be occasionally imbibed by a crazy old man who wrestles sharks.

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