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#21: Interview about the history of Redhook with Bryan Lee, Regional Marketing Manager for Craft Bre

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This week, I managed to get ahold of Bryan Lee, Regional Marketing Manager for Redhook in Woodinville, WA. I’m posting this before I have transcribed the whole thing, but trust me that a transcription is coming later in the week.

Bryan and I talked about the history of Redhook and the Craft Brewer’s Alliance. We covered everything from the beer Redhook was brewing in those early Seattle days, to their modern series of Limited Edition brews.

This is the first interview of at least two with Redhook folk that I’ll be doing. The next will be coming in the next few weeks.

While you’re here, you might check out my writeup of Redhook’s brewing process.

Direct link for those of you that listen in-browser is right here.


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