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Makin' a brewery

A small change of plans has occurred. This posting daily with Beer 101 is really cutting into my time and I'm worried the quality of my material will decline if I continue the pace. Therefore I'm going to shoot for 3 posts per week. I'm thinking Monday, Wednesday and Friday but if popular demand is different, well so be it.

Today I'll talk about the brewing process as you would brew an extract brew.

An extract brew is the easiest of all homebrews to make, and I highly recommend starting with one. If you haven't bought The new complete joy of homebrewing by Charlie Papazian, well go do that now. There's a bunch of information in there that you should know that I haven't covered yet.

So before you can brew you need the basic brewery setup. You'll need the following, assuming you want a 5 gallon brewery. All my recipes will be on the 5 gallon scale just for a point of reference.

7 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle
Propane burner for said kettle
A 5 gallon food grade plastic bucket
An airlock
A plastic or wooden spoon (large, like 36")
Thief (a plastic tube with a valve on the bottom for taking samples of hot wort)
Wort Chiller
5 gallon glass carboy (your secondary fermenter)
An activated charcoal sink filter (GE or Pur, not required but recommended)
5 gallon bucket for sanitation with chlorine water (food grade is preferable)
A nice food grade thermometer in at least 2F increments
Mesh hop bags (your local homebrew supplier will know what this is)

I think thats everything, but no guarantees because I don't have my brew equipment in front of me. If you take the above list to your local homebrew shop they should be able to set you up.

Sorry to stop early for today. Although something is better than nothing! I'll post my scanned brew diagram with explanations next time. Till then, happy brewing.

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