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Thanks @StoneGreg! (aka The Magic Of Twitter)

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Part of me doesn’t want to post this because I’m afraid that Greg and other brewers will be inundated with similar requests, but part of me just really wants to share this because it’s awesome, and I didn’t really ask for this, it was sheer generosity. That second part of me is winning, both because of the degree of awesome and the desire to share some of this guy’s fantastic awesomeness.

In my Real Life, I dog on Twitter a lot. Twitter is kind of like a blog and kind of a like a conversation… which sounds great. But in practice, there are far fewer consumers than producers on Twitter. Everyone uses Twitter as a way to be heard, not a way to hear. Lots of talking, not a lot of listening. Which makes it… kind of annoying a lot of the time. And I still think that. Hell, I’m guilty of it.

But there is another use of Twitter that I am just now understanding: Twitter facilitates egalitarian connections between people of all types.

For example, I saw Greg Koch of Stone Brewing give the CBC Keynote this year. It was a great speech about the American Dream, about how to Play Nice and still have a business, and about setting (or maintaining) the “spirit” that has pushed the craft brewing industry into a successful market.

I’m not quite as idealistic as Mr. Koch, and I’m pretty sure that craft brewing is still just a market like any other. (I might be guilty of listening to too much Planet Money lately.) But that doesn’t stop me from buying the beer that I love, appreciating the effort that craft brewers exercise in order to remain local, use organic ingredients, and brew what people want rather than what they will merely tolerate.

In any case, during that keynote, greg showed off a sticker that said, “Fizzie yellow beer is for wussies.” I immediately needed to have one for the back of my laptop.

I looked around online for about half an hour, including and the Stone Brewing store, but couldn’t find this sticker for sale.

Hrm. Well, I thought, Greg’s on Twitter. Maybe he’ll tell me where to buy them.

So I asked.

He responded with his email address and a short statement: It’s no problem to send you a few. Just send me your address.

Today, this envelope arrived. I apologize for the blurriness of the photos, but I think they speak for themselves.

envelope please

holy shit


The astute observer will notice that I received much more than merely one “fizzie yellow beer” sticker. Yes, that’s a handwritten note from the man himself.

Thanks, Greg! I think I’ll go open a Stone IPA!

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