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#17: A Geekbeer Soured: Allagash Confluence; New Belgium Bottleworks 10, La Folie, and Dark Kriek

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It foiled us once, but episode 17 is finally here!

number 17

We jump on the Sour Beer Bandwagon (as heard on Twitter: Sour beer is the new Barrel Aged; Barrel Aged was the new Imperial Stout; Imperial Stout was the new Imperial IPA; and Imperial IPA was the new IPA).

I’m sorry for all the weird blips and bloops between some of the transitions. I can’t understand what was going on there — GarageBand was being stupid with caching some of the sounds and I couldn’t figure out how to avoid it. Very odd. I’ll explore more next time.

0:00 Intro
1:23 Allagash Confluence - in which we drink it too cold
3:55 On The Brettanomyces Flavor
6:44 New Belgium Bottleworks 10 - in which we enjoy this extremely sour beer (the best of the four according to Tom and Adam)
8:10 On Sours, their state in the current beer world, online beer ratings, and general tasting
12:00 On Beer Ratings
15:50 Lips of Faith La Folie (the best of the four according to Ethan)
18:03 GeekBeer News
21:16 Quick Hits
24:03 Lips of Faith Dark Kriek - in which this doesn’t do it for us

For those that listen in browser, the direct link is here.

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