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New podcast day

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We’ve (finally) fallen into a routine of podcasting on Sundays, which means it makes no sense to release the podcast on Fridays because I’m busy on weekdays (even moreso with the new job).

So the new podcast day is going to be Monday. It certainly might change again. I’ll have the Geekbeer: Soured podcast ready after the weekend for your Monday Morning Commute.

I’ve started a new job at work, and as a result, I’ve been unable to complete my water table analysis from last weekend. I’m pretty close to finishing it, I just need to do some calculations and find a source for the minerals I need. That’s coming up pretty soon.

I’ve also got a brief commentary on beer styles in the works. I like beer styles. I like subdivision. It’s awesome. But there are still issues with the current beer styles, and I figured I’d talk about that here since scientific classification seems geeky enough.

Back to editing!

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