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how to know when beer is done carbonating

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It’s Friday afternoon, I’m home early, and I can’t drink because I’m on codine to suppress this effing cough. So I’m answering search queries instead! This particular question was dead easy. :-)

This edition of Search Term Answers comes to us from Lawrence Ironsides in Sheridan, Wyoming. Hi, Lawrence!*

Lawrence wants to know how he can tell when his beer is done carbonating. I’m glad you asked, Lawrence!

The answer is pretty easy: Cool it down and try it! There’s really no other way as a homebrewer. If you primed with the right volume of sugar or force carbonated with the right pressure for the right time, it’ll just be done after a while. You won’t know until you try it!

Can’t wait to see you next time on Search Term Answers!

* Lawrence not an actual person.

I don’t do anything cool to my Apache logs (yet). I just comb them for specific things that I need. For Search Term Answers, I just a pretty little one-liner that the geeks among you might appreciate:

grep google access_log* | grep -v Googlebot | grep -v analytics | grep search | perl -pi -e ’s/^.*?\[(.*?)\].*?search.*?q=(.*?)[\s\&].*?$/$1 - $2/g’ | sed -e ’s/+/ /g’ | sort

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