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#16: Ending Seattle Beer Week with Dogfish Midas Touch, Rogue Chipotle, Hair of the Dog Matt, and So

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It’s our longest podcast yet this week (oh god we’re so sorry) because we tried to recap two of our Seattle Beer Week experiences: Avery Night and Sour Beer Night. We also tried to review our normal 3 beers, and throw in a “bonus” (if anything on our podcast could be called “bonus”) re-review of the Hair of the Dog Matt, which we didn’t like before, but managed to have on tap during Seattle Beer Week.

Enjoy! (If pain is the kind of thing you enjoy!)

00:00: Intro
02:10: Dogfish Head Midas Touch: Excellent beer!
05:43: Rogue Chipotle: Truly awesome.
10:20: Wherein there is no Geek Beer News
11:30: Seattle Beer Week - Avery Night and Sour Beer Night Recaps
23:10: Hair of the Dog Matt Re-Review (Live from Bottleworks, during Seattle Beer Week !)
26:37: Ethan recaps 3 amazing beers you need to try: Deschutes Dissident, Russian River Consecration, and Deschutes Black Butte XX
27:40: Southern Tier Jah-Va, also very good (but better on tap)

For those of you that listen in-browser, the direct link is right here.

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