Kenji (shortypoke) wrote in geekbeer,

First post!

So this is the very exciting first post in geekbeer. First off, we have some grand plans - which we will divulge in more detail as we go. We're still working on our userinfo bio.

The idea of Geekbeer was born only about 3 weeks ago, so this community will pretty much cover the entire course of this project.

Here's what we've accomplished so far:

- Geekbeer: the first beer for geeks, and appreciators of all things geek.

- Dan has created some great-tasting beer. He's a bio-chem major, and knows his brewing (his dad is even in the brewing business).

- We have plans to combine brewing with open source programming.

- We have applied for a trademark on "Geekbeer," because we love the name and we don't want anybody to steal it!

- We've had 2 meetings so far to discuss our plans.

Part of the plan:

We're shooting for getting our website in order within a month or two. Our first goal is to provide free Geekbeer to PAX, the Penny Arcade convention - website here. It's going on August 28-29. We'd like to provide them to afterparties, and maybe beer-gardens (if there are any). Hopefully this is the kind of stuff that can help spread the word, and get some feedback too.

We're also trying to get some kind of logo for Geekbeer. Also, our next brewing session will be in two weeks, so we'll start getting some pictures up here too.

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