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#12: Rogue Endeavors: Hazelnut Brown, Mocha Porter, St. Red

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This week we got a chance to sample three brews from Rogue Brewery. We had fun with Sierra Nevada day, so this is another entry in that journal. The Hazelnut Brown, the Mocha Porter, and the St. Red all make an appearance.

The list crap we talk about seems to get longer every time, but the podcast is still bus-ride short!

0:00 Intro and On How Cool We Are
2:24 Beer list
2:50 Rogue Hazelnut Brown
4:36 On Brown Ales
6:05 Rogue Mocha Porter
7:25 Oskar Blues Ten Fidy and Avery Czar notes
8:45 GeekBeer News
13:54 Rogue St Red Ale
14:40 On American Amber and Red Ale
16:20 Revisiting the nature of Taste (again)
18:10 Quick Hits: Stone’s Sublimely Righteous, Russian River’s Pliny the Younger

Runtime: 20:28

Direct link for those that want to listen in-browser is right here.

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