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Taking the show on the road

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I just wanted to take a minute to pimp the Free Beer Podcast. You can listen to them live or listen to the edited podcast, and either way, it’s pretty funny stuff. I highly recommend drinking while you listen, since the format is that of a drunk morning radio show.

In any case, I found these guys on Twitter, and Tom and I joined them last Saturday evening for a podcast… right after we did our podcast… and god damn we drank a lot. Total tally for the evening was something like:

  • Rogue’s Hazelnut Brown
  • Rogue’s Mocha Porter
  • Rogue’s St Red
  • Alaskan Amber
  • Sierra Nevada Torpedo
  • and… uh… two more that I can’t remember because we were too soused.
We make an appearance in Episode 31. Give it a listen!

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