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New format: Geek Wine

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We’ve decided that this beer thing is taking too much time, and isn’t rewarding enough.

I spend an average of about 20 hours a week reading beer news, tweets, and listening to podcasts. This is in addition to the time I spend drinking, doing the podcast, and brewing. It’s just too much.

tom2Tom, also, is finding that his tastes are moving away from beer. He’s never been the beer snob I am, and lately, he’s been appreciating the flavor of a good Merlot more than that of a barrel-aged beer.

We’ve both found that we don’t really “get” beer the same way that other people do. We don’t like Dogfish head. We don’t like barrel-aged beers. We believe that, for the most part, aging beers doesn’t improve them. This is all very contrary to what other folks think.

So we’re changing formats. To wine. There is no podcast this week because there are other things that need to be done behind the scenes in order to set the stage for our “Winecast” (like getting that domain name… Tom’s working on it.), but there it is.

We’re going to start simply, with local wines. Columbia Valley, Columbia Crest, Chateau St. Michelle. We’ll start with Merlots, and we’ll try to do two bottles a week. This probably means we’ll be releasing two abbreviated podcasts each week. There will be no wine news, since wine is kind of like cement: It’s been around so long, there’s no news.

We’ve both discovered a love of cooking as well, so we’ll likely provide tasting notes and perhaps some recipes. We’re going to stick with reds until we get our bearings, and then branch out. We’ve also both really enjoyed just normal around-the-house activities lately. We’ve noticed an increased interest in how our laundry smells, the color of the walls in our homes, and the quality of our window dressings. Tom has told me that he’s going to take up gardening.

To this end, we’ll likely be covering the latest happenings as reported in Good Housekeeping and Martha Stewart magazine.

Questions and comments can be left here. Thanks for all your help with GeekBeer — hopefully GeekWine can be just as exciting. Should be good times.


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