Tam (tam_ian) wrote in geekbeer,

Back in Action

I'm back from my trip over the weekend, and I will begin more posting. Last night there was a meeting that I missed because I was still out of town, but I hear through the grapevine that the design of the brew structure was discussed. I know who was involved in the conversation, so I will grill them mercilessly until I have all the details and then I will relay them to you here tomorrow. I will even attempt to get some pictures drawn. Just to warn you, they will most likely be very very ugly pictures, hand drawn by yours truly, but I promise you... you WILL have visual aids!

As for myself and what I'm doing when I'm not extracting information, tonight I will do some more work on the website. Hopefully if you visit it tomorrow it will look one step cooler than it does now, and I'd like to think that in doing so the quality of the implementation will have raised a notch as well. I've done some more reading and my understanding grows. Also, after I figure out what was talked about in the meeting yesterday regarding the hardware I'm sure some of the software design will begin to emerge as well. I'll try to get some of that up at least by next week.

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