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After living in the same apartment building for just over a year, my small group of beer-loving friends is disbanding slightly. I say this only because the implied events that are implied by this effort — i.e., packing, moving, buying a new house — have impaired our ability to prepare our Porter Podcast this week. I’ll be posting a Beer News Roundup this evening, but you’ll have to wait another week for a new installment of our silly banter about beer.

I desperately wish that I had more time and money, because events are really coming to a head soon.

While at the Naked City Taphouse, I had a chance to talk with one of the owners briefly, and he said he’d be amenable to doing an interview. We tested the microphone in the noisy environment, and it works well enough that I’d like to find time to actually go an interview him.

The famed Barley Wine Festival put on by our local dozens-of-taps pub (Brouwer’s), called Hard Liver, is coming right up on March 21st. Doors open at 11am. I’m bringing a $100 bill and a microphone. Hopefully it won’t be too terribly loud. Even if it is, I’ll write about it.

Seattle Beer Week is starting up on May 7th, with another local event, Hop Scotch, taking place right in the middle of that event, on May 8th and 9th.

That’s not to mention all the spring beers that are starting to surface, the brewing that I’ve been putting off due to moving, etc., etc…

It’s a good time to like beer, but it’s a bad time to not have any time!

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