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#7: The Recession Session: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Rainier, Red Stripe, and Dutch Girl

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(We tried two mics this time. It worked reasonably well, but not great. Sorry for the mediocre sound quality. We’re slowly standardizing on format, recording methods, and export methods.)

PBRRainierRed StripeDutch Girl Lager

The podcast this week is near and dear to our hearts. First, because it’s mostly about what we’ve been calling “recession beers:” those macro brews that the beer world loves to hate… and in these economic times, also hates to love. Because let’s be honest, beer lovers don’t go dry when there’s no money for beer, they just buy cheaper beer.

Second, because this month’s Session is called Love Lager, and the subtitle is “A pint o’ plain.” Instructions are simple: Get out there and have what the next guy is having. I’ve read through a number of previous Sessions, and I think this is the first time anyone has bothered podcasting about them. We’ll be doing this every month.

We’ve reviewed a few macrobrews: PBR, Rainer, and Red Stripe… and because this is GeekBeer, Tom threw in the Dutch Girl Lager from Skagit River Brewing. There’s a modicum of beer news and some other interesting tidbits, like comments on Budweiser as it compares to these beers.

Without further ado, the vital statistics:
0:00 intro
0:48 on The Session: Love Lager
2:54 Pabst Blue Ribbon
6:02 On when to drink PBR and other shitty American macrobrews
8:09 On homebrewing lagers
9:02 Rainier Beer
11:33 Red Stripe
14:22 Skagit Valley Dutch Girl Lager
17:43 Beer News
20:49 Listener questions (kind of)

And the direct link for those of you that like to listen in-browser.

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