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#5: Ironhorse black IPA, Stone IPA, Pliny the Elder

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Here we are with Podcast #5, the second set of the IPAs. As usual, it’s funny. Because we’re funny. We’re funny guys.

It should be noted that as my home brewing exploits continue and as our general beer knowledge improves, the format of the podcast will change somewhat. Right now it’s basically “taste beer, report beer news”. In the future, it will be more like, “taste beer, talk about brewing this particular style, report on latest brews, report news”. At least, that’s where I’d like it to head. We’ll see.

Vital statistics:
0:00 - intro
0:27 - Ironhorse Black IPA
3:53 - Stone IPA
6:15 - on the origin of the IPA moniker
7:38 - Pliny the Elder
(for the record: i actually don’t think IPAs shouldn’t be aged. some age quite well. i was just reading what was on the side of the bottle.)
12:14 - GeekBeer news

16:38 in length

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