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copper hook

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Copper hook

I’m a sucker for a simple, drinkable ale, and Copper Hook delivers. It’s Redhook’s Spring seasonal, and I jump on it every time I see it in stores.

It’s a fantastically malty ale that manages to be citrusy without being hoppy, which is a quite an accomplishment. It’s balanced by a mild malt flavor and aroma with a slight lingering bitterness that I would describe as more hoppy than malty. At 5.7% ABV (my bottle says 5.9%, but the website says 5.7%) and an OG of 1.053, this bottle has a FG of 1.008, which mimics the light mouthfeel.

This is by far one of my favorite brews for drinkability. The smooth malt and the mild bitterness means it goes down easily, but there’s more than enough flavor to keep you coming back for more. I take every opportunity to pimp this brew. It’s good regardless of the kind of beer you usually enjoy.

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