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Obama Loves Beer

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It’s been around the news for a while that a beer company in Kenya made a brew called Senator Beer (known to locals as just “Obama,” apparently), and they’ve been selling it to enthusiastic customers. This story garnered worldwide attention because, apparently, poor Kenyans often drink moonshine that’s been spiked with crazy shit, like Formaldehyde, into their brew, and the popularity of this (much safer, lower alcohol) beer was actually saving lives.

There’s also a rash of craft brewers making special beers for Inauguration Day. Capitol City Brewing out of Washington DC has created InaugurAle. Ommegang had a bit of a run-in with the .fed when they created a beer they unofficially call Obamagang — officially they were told they can’t do that, so the actual name is Inauguration Ale 2009. (Incidentally, this particular beer sounds awesome: “Somewhere between a porter and a stout, with a bit of Kriek [!] and some chocolate…”) The District Chophouse apparently has a Barack Bock, though I couldn’t find it mentioned on their website proper.

Six Point Craft Ales apparently made a brew called “Hop Obama” that became their fastest-selling beer ever… and then they didn’t make it again. There are a few kegs left in some places, though I suspect as word gets around, it’ll go fast… And none of them are up in the Northwest anyway. Sounds like good business to me. Also, GreenGrog suggested a far better name for this brew: The Audacity of Hops. I’d personally prefer just, “The Audacity of Hop,” but it’s a bit late for me to be brewing a batch like this with the event starting in just a few minutes. Besides, I’m not one to step on a homebrewer that already did it.

Anyway, there are tons more, all over. GreenGrog again links to a bunch, or at least links to the BeerAdvocate pages. They’re still missing out on some great name potential here (C’mon, “Obama Ale” is the best you could do? At least “Ale to the Chief” is pretty good.), but maybe it’s the thought that counts.

What I didn’t know until today was, apparently, our new Mr. President likes beer. I had previously read that he doesn’t drink, but apparently he wanted a specific beer on Inauguration Day, but can’t have it. He apparently wanted to have the InaugurAle today, but they couldn’t bottle it in time (oh wut-evah! he’s the President! make it happen!), and he’s going to have to drink something else. (That article also illustrates why you shouldn’t start brewing at 2 in the afternoon.)

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