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podcast, we hardly knew ye…

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We promised a podcast tonight, but things came up. As Tom said, he’s in the Promised Land… er… I mean, he’s in Spokane, which is, of course, not quite the Promised Land, but… Well, let’s face it, Spokane is pretty much the ass-end of nowhere.

In any case, I’m just posting (1) to let you know that we really planned on doing a podcast today, but unforeseen events made it so we can’t, at least not for another week, and (2) that, according to Tom, the Sam Adam’s Chocolate Bock is good, but not worth $18. I don’t know more than that, or I would tell you (really).

Tomorrow, I’m off to purchase a wort chiller, read about brett beer and repitching, and get ingredients for another batch of a common Northwestern Pale.

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