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A very brief history of beer in general

Ok, time for the first real installment of Beer 101. So ShortyPoke told me how to do LiveJournal cuts (this thing gets better and better by the day) so today I'm going to give it a try. I'll post today and tomorrow, but I think I'll be taking the weekend off. I'm going to be busy brewing (making a creme stout) so that should keep me busy. Perhaps I'll post the recipe, although this is a completely new formulation, and being untested I can't vouch for the results quite yet.

Ok, it's time to try this cut.

So if you can read this after clicking the link it apparently worked, if not, I'm going to go hunt down shortypoke...

Here's today's Beer 101

Beer is a fascinating invention. From it's orgins thousands of years ago, to the multi-billion dollar a year industry worldwide today, beer has played a number of roles. Originally beer, by virtue of its alcohol content, was an ideal beverage that could keep for long periods of time. High levels of alcohol prevent microbial contaminations from ever growing and spoiling the beer. The fringe benefit was that beer drinkers got the feelings of confidence and a sense of invinciblity that we now associate with being buzzed or drunk. I for one sometimes wonder when the term "liquid courage" really came into being. Since the advent of refrigeration the storage aspects of beer have faded significantly as a selling point. Although from the standpoint of the sophisticated beer drinker, the true allure of the drink remains in the breadth of styles and tastes it offers. Beer is one of the rare beverages that goes with a wide variety of foods, situations, and events. Amazingly enough, for the popularity of beer around the world, the American beer drinker is largely uneducated about what defines a good beer. Read on tomorrow for information about the beer styles, as well as some tidbits on how to distinguish quality beer from the crowd of wannabes.

A sneak peak at tomorrow; Budweiser, Coors, and Miller are excellent examples of masterful consistency and truly abysmal beer.

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