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Between winter, work, and women, I am officially moving Geekbeer's status of "Hiatus" to "Hibernating." I have no idea when we'll start brewing again, but it's becoming quite clear that there is simply no room to spend 8 hours in a day brewing even twice a month.

Others, of course, should feel free to post, and I'll be posting random beer-related thoughts as time progresses, but for the most part, I'll be buying my beer in bottles this winter.

That said: The winter ales are here. There are two that I simply cannot get enough of. The first, called Ebaneezer, is perhaps the best beer I have ever had. Incredibly smooth mouthfeel, great malty-sweet flavour with just a hint of hop bitteres... it's a great beer. The second, the Jubelale, has a pronounced hop flavour that is unusual for winter ales, but combined with its traditional mouthfeel and balanced nicely with a malt finish, it's an amazing beer. Both come highly recommended.

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