thaen (thaen) wrote in geekbeer,

The Nanobrew, Take 2

So here's the new Nanobrew section, complete with pictures.

My apologies for not being able to update this as often as I would like. I'm in the process of looking for a new job, and brewing has fallen by the wayside a little in the wake of other Real Life stuff.

That said, it is not (officially) Pumpkin Beer season, it being the equinox and all. I LOVE pumpkin beers. Absolutely LOVE. Let's figure out why:
- Beer? Check!
- Pumpkin pie? Check!

I think the mystery is solved. I love the hint of nutmeg in the beer; I just can't get enough.

I know I promised the couch section. I would have put that up today instead of the Nanobrew, but my camera was being stupid this morning and will require new batteries before I can transfer the last of the couch pictures successfully.

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