thaen (thaen) wrote in geekbeer,

The End of the Couch Saga

Well, I'm going to update the Couch saga again soon, hopefully tonight. The picture to the right should give you a taste of what's to come... The Couch is now fully functional. We drink out of it regularly. We also just replenished our supply of 12-gram CO2 cartridges, so pressurization won't be a problem for a while.

Also, the Nanobrew is looking really good. I'll have pics later, but despite the initial cloudy nonsense that Tom and I witnessed (due to lack of efficient lautering), the Irish Moss has really kicked it and cleaned up the brew. I'm sure we'll get a goodly amount of drinkable beer out of the batch. A few bottles at the very least -- and in only a couple hours! Recipe experimentation here we come!

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