May 25th, 2009

  • thaen

ah, homebrew

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(Click through both pictures to see my notes on each one, if you’re so inclined.)

I spent a ton of time on homebrew “chores” today: nearly 4.5 hours bottling.

4 hours of bottling later...

There’s the result. Nearly 9.5 gallons of delicious Hefeweizen and Breakfast Stout.

The Breakfast Stout has a strong coffee flavor, with some hops, toast, and sweet malt thrown in. The coffee has lent a slightly sour flavor (like 8-hour-old coffee, not contamination), but overall it’s a pretty fantastic stout. I primed 4.9 gallons of this with 2.6 ounces of brown sugar.

The Hefeweizen was made using Wyeast 3056. I can’t recommend this yeast enough. Bananas, cloves, and oranges. It’s fucking awesome. I primed 4.5 gallons of this with 4.2 ounces of table sugar. I’m hoping against hope that this doesn’t cause the bottles to pop (something I’ve never had happen before), but I wanted a stiff carbonation on this bad boy.

I’m still doing extract brews (because there are, believe it or not, other expenses in my life besides beer, and all-grain setup costs a bit of change), so the Hef was made with liquid wheat extract with a smattering of grains (mostly dextrin [cara-pils]). The stout was mostly pale extract with ~3 lbs of dark malts to give it a bit of toast and color.

the garage

Here’s the garage where the brews sit. It’s a bit warm for about 20% of the day because the car’s engine does a surprisingly good job at heating up the space (we only recently cleaned out the garage enough to actually park the car in it). I’ll probably move the long-term storage beers into the house as a result, but the homebrews can sit in 60-70 degrees while priming without much consequence.

The cellar is small-ish at this point, and it’s mostly a staging ground for brews that we’ll be reviewing on the podcast, but it grows regularly. I spend about $100 a month on quality beers… Perhaps I need a less expensive hobby.

I also managed to get a wicked blister on my thumb from the bottle brush. God damn I need to save up for a set of kegging equipment soon.