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Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

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#9: Allagashers: The Allagash Tripel Reserve and Allagash Curieux

Originally published at GeekBeer. Please leave any comments there.

Episode 9 here, the back-up podcast. We wanted to podcast from the Barley Wine festival, but it was not to be, and you’ll hear.

So I picked up these two Allagash beers after learning that the Curieux is actually the Tripel aged in bourbon casks. Two 750ml bottles made for a good time!

Vital statistics:
00:00 - intro
00:23 - on Hard Liver, the Barley Wine Festival
04:20 - Allagash Brews
05:50 - Allagash Tripel (we loved it)
10:16 - Allagash Curieux (not so great)
15:17 - GeekBeer News
19:12 - Listener Feedback, such as it is

And the direct link for those of you that listen in-browser.

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