February 11th, 2009

  • thaen

podcast #4: homebrew numero uno (postdated for your pleasure)

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Podcast #4, the Interim podcast. I wanted to record something about the first successful homebrew that I’ve had in more than 3 years, so we gathered a couple similar beers and recorded this. It’s reasonably good. No beer news this time — just the podcast. I intended to post this between normal podcast days, but buying a house is killing my schedule, so I’m posting it as a normal podcast because I have no idea what my next few weeks will look like for recording things.

This podcast also features Chapters (w00t) and Professional Editing ™.

0:00: Intro
1:11: Budwesier American Ale
4:44: GeekBeer Strawberry Insipion
5:22: Recipe
8:50: Pike Pale Ale: Heirloom Amber
11:00: On IBU in Homebrew
12:39: Pike Pale (cont’d) and Roundup

iPhone and video-capable iPod users: Note that this is, just like the last one, an enhanced podcast. There’s an issue with these (see this topic on the Apple Discussion board) that screws up the way they play on iPhones: basically, they play like videos, and don’t allow you to navigate away from the podcast or put your phone to sleep while listening. Future podcasts will not include chapters or chapter artwork because of this issue.

Direct download link is right here.