January 5th, 2009

  • thaen


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On Dan’s recommendation, I’m going to start taking gravities of beers I drink. I’ll start with verifiable brews. I did Redhook’s Blackhook this evening.

My reading was 1.012. I took it while the beer was 45 degrees, so I subtracted .005 from the reading, for 1.011 or thereabouts. The beer was still mostly carbonated.

Redhook says the OG for this brew is 1.0498. Using the formula on the beer gravity wikipedia page, this means the real OG of Blackhook is 1.0112026. Not bad.

I’m encouraged by this first reading, so I’m going to keep track of this stuff on this page. Please excuse the current layout, I’ll fix it soon.

Incidentally, the beer we have that’s in the secondary came out of the primary at 1.010 or 1.012, if I recall correctly (it’s a pale ale), and it started at 1.057 IIRC (I remember thinking it was really high), meaning the ABV right now is 6.3%. Little high for a pale, but maybe just right for a first brew!

(At 78-82% depending on final gravity measurement, this seems like high attenuation for a yeast that Wyeast claims is 73-77% attenuation [but up to 10% ABV tolerance!], so I’m probably misremembering at least one number, but I think it’s safe to say that this is a relatively high alcohol pale that attenuated well.)

I won’t have trouble remembering future brews — the wife got me a brew journal for xmas.