January 3rd, 2009

  • thaen

brew day

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I love brew day. I think it’s the smells. There’s not a lot that’s quite so wonderful as the sweet smell of the mash, the fresh smell of the boil, and the slightly earthy, slightly sulfuric smell of the yeast before the pitch.

We brewed a quick batch yesterday. Target gravity of 1.052. 5lbs of extra pale dry malt, 1lb US 2-row, 1lb 40L crystal, and half a pound of vienna. 0.3 ounces of Alchemy, courtesty of Bob the Beer God (wow that stuff is bitter) and an ounce of leftover cascade for a finish left the beer extremely bitter after the boil (I’m hoping for lots of mellowing in the primary).

It’s going to take forever to use all the Alchemy bittering hops I brought home. I used — literally — a tablespoon of pellet hops, and this beer turned out too bitter. This was probably partly due to the light body imparted by the relatively small grain mash, but at 15.4% AAU, this is stuff you have to be careful with. beer handsWe’ll try to brew a more full-bodied pale next, and then hit try our hand at a few IPAs and maybe a stout to see what these hops can really do.

Gravity came out slightly low at 1.050, but just fine for a pale. We pitched an English Bitter yeast, so we should get a different flavor out of this batch than the last one even though the ingredients are very similar.

We also recorded a podcast… well, we actually recorded two podcasts. The first we recorded on the 31st, and we won’t be sharing it with you because it sucked. No “news,” no good humor, no great beers… not a lot to say, really.

The podcast we recorded yesterday, though — we’ll share that as soon as Tom edits it. We picked up 3 Bocks of various types and tried to redeem ourselves after talking shit about the Sam Adams Chocolate Bock that we drank during the first podcast. It’s 55 minutes uncut, and we’ll try to condense the good parts for you and bring it down to around 15 or 20 minutes so you don’t have to listen to us blather. We’re hoping you just enjoy us joust verbally and get at least a little something out of our adventure into beer styles.

I love brew day.