July 28th, 2005

  • thaen

Of Success and Failure

We had a tasting on Tuesday. The results follow.

The Mystery Ale: This came out as an incredibly biscuity, slightly acidic, lightish ale, perhaps somewhere between a Bock and an American Pale. It's good. Very drinkable. Unfortunately, it has yeast floaties. It will have to be filtered again. This part was particularly tragic, because I was going to bring a keg of it to a party where I work. We have one full keg, and another 5 gallons still in the carboy... since we're out of kegs.

The Irish Red: This is really sweet. It tastes unfinished even after such a long fermentation. But it doesn't taste bad, so it must be alcoholic. We plan on taking a gravity this weekend to see the attenuation. If the gravity is still above 1.020 or so, which I think it probably is, we'll just re-pitch a large batch of yeast and let it ferment again. Should be... weird, at the very least. We have a keg of this and another 5 gallons still in the carboy.

The Not-So-Brown: Holy god this beer is good. We called it the "Not So Brown" because we designed the recipe with a Brown in mind, but it came out much darker. Like, porter-dark. But it's amazingly good. Amazingly. I mean, it's fucking stunning. It tastes like a mocha, almost -- that's how strong the coffee/chocolate flavours are. If you've ever had a chocolate stout, I can gaurantee that this is more chocolatey. It's got a slight hop bitterness and an amazing malt aroma. This is one of the best beers I have ever had. If we can reproduce it, it might become Hawking's Singular Porter. Hopefully we wrote down the bloody yeast that we used. I believe we have 10 glorious, kegged gallons of this beer.

We have another (kegged) 5 gallons of something... I'll report back when I remember what it was.