February 13th, 2005

New Carbonation Technique

   A while ago, Geekbeer purchased some old homebrewing equipment from someone who had dropped out of the game. Some of the cooler items that were included in the deal were some Cornelius kegs, and some CO2 bottles to use for carbonating the beer.
   Up until this point, all the beer that we had been brewed was "naturally carbonated." This is where sugar is put into the bottle, the beer is pourn in, and then the bottle is capped. The yeast remaining in the beer consumes the sugar, and produces CO2. But since the solution is in a capped bottle, the CO2 has nowhere to go... and thus it is absorbed into the beer. There is another technique for carbonation though...
   This week we're experimenting with "forced carbonating." For this experiment we're using a Brown Ale. We poured our beer into one of the Corny kegs, and attached a CO2 tank to the keg. Since the whole system is pressurized, the CO2 has nowhere to go... and thus is absorbed into the beer. We let that sit for a couple of days, and *drumroll* we get bubbles in our beer.