June 17th, 2004

Northwest Ale Yeast

I went to Bob's Homebrewing today and picked up Wyeast 1332 - Northwest Ale Yeast for the brewing this weekend. The guy behind the counter(I'm assuming it's Bob, but I didn't ask) was extremely nice.

Bob's Homebrew Supply
2821 Northeast 55th Street, Seattle, WA 98105

Just in case anybody reading this is in Seattle.

Biochemistry and Serial Ports

I sat down with Dan to start planning the design of the brew reactor. Dan and I will be working closely together for a lot of the design process because he has to make sure the engineering choices I make won't negatively effect the the beer quality. For example, our system is going to need a way to control fluid flow with elctro-mechanical valves. My experience with pneumatic potato cannons would suggest using Rain Bird sprinkler valves. Unfortunately, those valves aren't made with food grade plastic, which Dan pointed out is needed to withstand the boiling wert (nobody want's beer that tastes like plastic). More than that though, I haven't designed a brew system myself before so I need to draw from Dan's brewing experience in order to understand the overall system requirements.

Equipment possibilitiesCollapse )