June 12th, 2004

Makin' a brewery

A small change of plans has occurred. This posting daily with Beer 101 is really cutting into my time and I'm worried the quality of my material will decline if I continue the pace. Therefore I'm going to shoot for 3 posts per week. I'm thinking Monday, Wednesday and Friday but if popular demand is different, well so be it.

Today I'll talk about the brewing process as you would brew an extract brew.

Lets make us some beer!Collapse )

Update on the Cream Stout

Just a quick word on the cream stout. I racked it off the Primary today and into the secondary fermenter. It smells and looks fantastic. Planning to bottle after it's been 3-4 weeks in the secondary. After all, its a stout and those darker beers take longer to get going. Anyways, hope to have some taste testing data ASAP!

If you're a homebrewer with all-grain capability, at this point I would recommend the previous cream stout recipe.