June 11th, 2004

It's Up, Up, and Away!

Whee, the new page is up! Eight intense hours later I have attained second level mastery at the skill "CSS", first level mastery of the skill "PHP", and first level in "Making styles with the LJ style making tool.". Just in case anyone cares, I thought I'd share a little bit of my experience last night. First: For the love of god make SURE all of your div tags are closed. I use an awesome, awesome editor called ConTEXT, which is very awesome. However, it does no syntax checking(obviously because it's just a text editor) but you might be lulled into a false sense of security because it has syntax highlighting like say, Dev Studio. So, the short of it is that I'm a fool because I was partially relying on the pretty colors in my code to tell me everything was ok, and I made a typo that cost me a half hour of hair pulling while I was putting the new geekbeer.com together. I also noticed that IE and Firefox don't necessarily handle margins the same way. However, there seems to be a work around for pretty much anything you want to do with CSS in both browsers. In the end, I made it look the way I wanted.

This time I also tried to clean up the code a little bit using php. I don't really know php yet, so I was flying by the skin of my teeth with that one. It doesn't seem too bad though, so hopefully sometime next week I can add a few subtle dynamic features to the webpage using it. Eventually I want to make it so you can login to the geekbeer site and everything cool that goes with that. I know some of you out there are asking, "Why don't you use Perl? Perl is what the truly geeky use!" The reason: I already know Perl, and this is an opportunity for us all to learn something new while drinking. Off the topic of languages and still on the topic of the website, don't forget that this is not the final site. Probably someone later like an artists will design a new better looking one that goes with some sweet labels on our bottles or something.

Finally, I have not got that summary of the meeting that I promised yet. I'm just saying that because I haven't forgotten, and hopefully I can deliver it later today.

Brew to follow...

I'm very sorry for the lack of beer related posting. I've been working on a post, but life's been conspiring against me writing more about beer for the last few days. Anyways, I'm pretty much done, but I need to scan my brew diagram in. I'll go harrass Tam and Brendan later tonight until stuff gets done.

Till then, well hopefully you aren't reading this immediately, it's a Friday night!