June 4th, 2004

Beer 101 Day Two

So yesterday was a brief introduction to beer in general. Today we'll talk a bit about what defines a good beer, because to you the general consumer and future brewer extrordinare this is a very important topic.

First, you need to know what style of beer you are shooting for. In this respect its very much a historical excercise and the responsiblity lies on YOU, the beer drinker, to have an idea of what a specific style should have. In general a beer should never smell skunky or have an "off flavor". Off flavors can best be described as sour, tart, or anything along those lines. Unless you're drinking Belgian Lambic, you shouldn't encounter this flavor. If you do, that's a sign of contamination (read: bacteria or wild yeast) growing in the fermenters at a level that competes with the brewers yeast.

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