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Introduction to Beer 101

Today's post will be the first foray into Beer 101

Beer 101 is something that I try to teach everyone before or during their first homebrew with me. Although, since most of you aren't homebrewing with me looking over you're shoulder, I'll be posting short pieces every day or two. When the whole collection is complete I'll compile it into a PDF file (hopefully with pretty pictures) and upload it to the GeekBeer website. After that I think I'll write up brewery design 101 so some solid background is available before anyone jumps into following our crazy scheme for automated homebrew goodness.

This is by no means the end-all be-all of beer education. Before I really get going let me point out the resources that I find indispensable.

The New Complete Joy of HomeBrewing by Charlie Papazian (Really anything by Papazian is fantastic, you can't go wrong starting here!)

The Home Brewer's Companion also by Charlie Papazian (This is an excellent second text to progress to)

Designing Great Beers by Ray Daniels (A much more advanced text, but if you have homebrewed for a while this is a MUST have)

The Brew-Master's Bible by Stephen Snyder (Has a few good tips and discussions about techniques and styles but the first two books are at the top for a reason)

BeerAdvocate.com is a very active community promoting beer and has great information and is well worth reading for a thorough background.

Beer at the Wikipedia is not half bad! Like anything on the wikipedia though, I take it with a grain of salt. It's not a bad place to start!

Without further ado, Beer 101 shall commence.

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