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Parties, Girls, and Flat Beer

We made, perhaps, an uncouth decision on Saturday night. We chose to brew our weekly batch during the party. At first, this sounded like a great idea. Then we discovered something interesting about the party:

The number of women was greater than the number of men.

Suddenly brewing didn't seem like such a great idea. We stuck it out anyway, though, brewing the same Blonde was so delicious last time. Note that it's now fermenting with a different yeast than last time, and at a higher temperature (nearly 70 degrees!). It should be fruity/estery as all get out.

The women, however, were a distraction. Much like in this post, they kept interrupting. Like interrupting cow (nevermind). Not in a bad way, just in a way. In any case, the brew went off splendidly, for the most part thanks to Brendan's unflinching dedication.

The beer at the party was... a mixed bag. I won't lie: the efforts made at carbonation received poor marks.

The first keg that we tapped was the delicious Not So Brown. It had been carbonated at 30 PSI and 70 degrees for nearly three days, and was perfect for the style (meaning, it was lightly carbonated and creamy).

Unfortunately, that beer ran out in about two hours. Adam then broke open the Irish Red... It was flat, it's very sweet (I think it should be repitched...) and, well, just not very good. Tam took it away before too long. Adam replaced it with the last few gallons of the English Amber. Now that was a damn tasty beer.

There were only a couple gallons of that Amber left, though. After it ran out, most of the guests were soused enough that some were drinking PBR and Bud... Adam included. So he tapped the Irish Red again, and apparently people drank it. I want to get a gravity on that so we can find out the attenuation. I really can't imagine that it's supposed to be as sweet as it was. Remember: it wasn't our recipe.

I'll have the Blonde recipe for you on Thursday. Until then, I leave you with these words of wisdom: Always ask for the phone number BEFORE they leave the party.

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