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Dan's Additions

Dan had some additions to the earlier post, but since *someone* changed the community to require review of new memberships (wtf? this is open source beer, damnit!), he can't get permissions to post.

A quick glance at the recipe gleaned that this is actually a "Imperial Porter", not Stout. Stare at Ethan long enough and he should tell you the difference between the two.

Also learned in this brewing instance is that you should not let Jon coerce Brendan into playing catch outside whilst you stand alone guarding the post like some medeival picket man, destined for a brief but illuminating chat with a garrote wire about the meaning of life. The end result of this was basically a catastrophe, during which
a) The boil began, and boiled up about a foot in the brew kettle, to within an inch or two of the top.
b) The hops suddenly needed to be doled out in correct porpotions. A monacle would have helped, as I stooped over the counter, divying up precious greens.
c) The draining lauter tun began overflowing the container within which the excess was suspended.

Needless to say, this was too much for me, especially since I didn't have the aforementioned monacle. There was so much sticky water on the floor, you don't even know.

Here is the actual recipe:

Target gravity: 1.082 - 1.084 (woah buddy!)
This is supposed to yield about 8.5% alcohol.

11 lbs 2row (There was a specific name for it, but it was 2row)
20 oz choc malt
20 oz ?? (something lightish... update later)
16 oz 80L crystal malt
4 oz Black Pattent
1 lb amber candy sugar.

60 min single step infusion mash at 154-156.

26 AAU Magnum hops for 60 mins
1 oz Fuggles for 30 mins
1/2 oz fuggles at 10 mins left.

Yeast was Wyeast Thames Valley (#1275).

Pulled all of that from memory at work. The recipe is at home.

We came out with a gravity of 1.062 @ 59 (measured at 79 deg, 1.060). We did pretty poorly on this one.

When we started the boil, apparently at some point it was determined that we had to add water to account for boil off (I must have missed that). So Brendan added a gallon of water. Everyone had left by the time I transferred it to the carboy, but not all of what was in the brew kettle fit in the carboy. This no doubt caused the dillution to 1.062. We are considering doing an experiment to determine exactly how much water to add.

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