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Lessons Learned

I was across the country at a wedding for the weekend, but Brendan, Dan, John, and Adam brewed a 5-gallon batch of an Imperial Stout. They learned two things:
- It's good to make sure that the ends on your hose are firmly attached, and not cracked or broken, in order to avoid getting the power strip behind the computer wet, and possibly shorting out the monitor.
- There is no way we could have made a 10-gallon batch of this. Even with adjuncts, the grain bed was enormous, especially for just a 5-gallon.

Myself, I learned a few things:
- The new Harry Potter book is the best yet.
- Brewing a Pilsener in true decoction-mash style is a fucking project, which is a shame because every step of the brew except the mash is so simple compared to most other styles.
- In 1817, the brew world was forever changed by a guy (whose name I will eventually have to know) that invented a kilning system that used water to prevent the barley from burning while being kilned. This allowed the production of good Pale malts, and put the smoking-barley-over-the-fire people on the fast track to obsolescence.

Also, two "mystery beers" that have been kegged and sitting in Tam's basement for a while now finally got carbonated, thanks to Adam. I tried to ask Brendan what they tasted like, whether they were any good, but he couldn't tell me. He kept getting the two kegs that they tasted confused... the whole interaction left me wondering if he was even paying attention while tasting the brand new beers.

I updated the brewing area again. This time just a small change: I had forgotten that in order to wake the yeast properly when pitching, you have to yell "WAKE UP FUCKERS!" It's a critical piece of the process.

The Stout recipe used is forthcoming.

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