thaen (thaen) wrote in geekbeer,

The Brew School Begins...

I've updated the Brew 101 section on the Geekbeer website proper. This should be enough to get any fledgling brewer off the ground.

I'll try to write the Bottling and Kegging section next week, so that if anyone uses that tutorial over the weekend, they'll be able to store the finish product. Feel free to comment about grammar, spelling, style, content, or whatever. I'd like to make the Brew section something that everyone can enjoy.

You'll notice that the sidebar contains placeholders for sections that don't exist yet. That is by design. If you have ideas for sections that might be good, let me know. Note that things like recipe design, brew math, and equipment, which might eventually warrant their own sections, are currently going to be rolled into the various Beginning Brew sections (101, 102, 201, and 230). The only exception is kegging/bottling, because that doesn't change from one brew style to the next.

Hope this helps someone start the brew love.

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