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kombucha and spontaneous cider

i'm not sure if any of you folks out there have tried it but i'm curently making a fermented(not alchoholic though) drink called kombucha. if your not familiar kombucha is a live-culture drink made from sweetened tea. you ferment the sweetened tea with a white blob of bacteria and yeast called the mother or yeast beast. it has a tangy slightly sour flavor and is touted for it's beneficial bacteria and health benefits and it's easy to make. it's pretty expensive in the stores but ultra easy and cheap to make at home.

i was going to ferment my kombucha in a sun tea jar like a friend did but naturally mine broke as soon as i was done sanitizing it. so i'm using a big measuring bowl instead i'm using 2 heaping tablespoons white tea, 7 cups of water, 1/2 a cup of sugar and the kombucha and a kombucha yeast beast a friend gave to me.

i'm also making a gallon of hard cider. i'm going to try and do a wild ferment. i just opened the 1 gallon apple juice jug and put cheese cloth over it with a rubber band. i'm just waiting for the wild yeast to come to it. then i'm going to stick it in the brew fridge set 70 degrees along with the kombucha.

for anyone interested in making kombucha, cider, beer and wine or other fermented/ live-culture foods such as miso, tempeh, sourdough bread, pickles, kruats and kimchi, yogurt and much much more i highly recommend the unique and comprehensive book Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz. it's also full of vegan options for non-dairy yogurt, kefir, etc. ferments as well. it's the book i'm currently using for kombucha instructions and has many other interesting ferments i can hardly wait to try. i've never found any other book like it.

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