Kenji (shortypoke) wrote in geekbeer,

Tuesday Meeting

Dan, Tam and I met today to talk Geekbeer. We went in circles a lot, due to some miscommunication, but oh well - we'll get better :-)

Dan is going to work on brewing plans this week for a 5 gallon homebrew system.

Anyone that wants to join this community is free to (I added a bit about it in the userinfo), but we're gonna make it so that the front page of will only show our posts... it seems like that makes sense. We'll still have the complete posts available under some discussion section in the website though. Tam's gonna get that going early next week, so until then it'll all show up, which is fine. Eventually, we hope to have some sort of discussion board, categorized in a way so that people can search specific topics and read the threads.

We're all pretty excited that a lot of people have checked out the site, and it definitely makes us want to keep more coming.

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