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The Not So Brown

Two weeks ago, we brewed a brown ale and never got the recipe up. Here's the recipe we used, crafted by ourselves:

Target gravity: 1.050
Bitterness: 20 IBU (Browns are typically malty and biscuity, not bitter, and meant to consumed cool, not cold)
Target volume: 11 gallons

Malt bill:
60% 2-row (14 lbs)
20% Victory (4.5 lbs)
13% Vienna (3 lbs)
7% Chocolate (2.2lbs)

Bittering: 2 oz Fuggles
Flavouring: 1 oz Fuggles
Aroma: 1 oz Kent Golding

Goals we had for this brew:

  • Properly compensate for water loss during boil

  • Add salts to mimic London water quality

  • Test the effects of Irish Moss on slightly darker beers

  • Hit the target gravity after the boil and chill, not just before

As was mentioned, we accomplished all of our stated goals. Let's also mention that it's a good thing that color wasn't one of our goals, since the brown ended up much darker than anticipated. I would say that 3-4% Chocolate would be more than enough in the future.

We kegged all 10 gallons of the Brown ale over the long weekend. It probably could have sat there for another week, but we were excited because this was the first beer that we've made where we actually know both the initial gravity and the final gravity spot-on: 1.050 (initial) and 1.017 (final), for an alcohol content of 4.8% by weight. Perfect for a brown ale.

We also brewed over the long weekend (more about that later this week), and threw a party (more about that too). Suffice to say that the party was fun for many, and perhaps a little too fun for some... like me.

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