thaen (thaen) wrote in geekbeer,

I promise...

I swear that the Brown Ale recipe that we brewed a week and a half ago will be posted next week. I swear. Really.

I wrote a small gallery page on the geekbeer website. It's pretty bare-bones, but I suppose as it goes on it will get bigger and more feature-ful. The pics that are there right now are from the first time that I ever brewed, and the second (third?) time that Tam ever brewed. Dan Widmeier, our Brewmeister-turned-grad-student, used to brew at his dad's (remember Bob, the Beer God?) place out in Woodinville, outside of Seattle. These are a few pics of that brew session. If I recall, we brewed a Blackberry Porter, which turned out spectacularly.

I'm in the process (right now) of updating the people page, so if you get confuzzled about all these names flying around, check that out for a brief bio on everyone.

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